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SBLT Corporate is the dedicated wing of the group providing end-to-end travel solutions to the leading corporate Clients in India.

The following are the services enabled to our Clients under this vertical of SBLT :

SBLT Corporate specializes in providing customized employee transport solutions depending on Client’s business nature and demand. Our Clients stay with us longer due to the technical efficiency of the team in solving Client’s concern around employee transportation.
Car leasing or long term rental solution for executives is a specific offering from SBLT Corporate focusing on executives / expats travel comfort. We specialize in enabling high quality Executive vehicles that are maintained with special care.
We undertake special bookings of all types of large vehicles and busses. SBLT is equipped to provide the services from its own fleet strength without dependency on external agencies.
Employee special trips are at ease now. With our 26 years of specialization in tours segment, we can help customizing corporate staff trips in addition to providing comfortable vehicles and knowledgeable drivers to support.
We provide standard and customized package trips across India on a periodical basis. For our corporate Clients, a specially crafted trip is a possible solution with our specialization and industry experience.
We focus on resolving our Client’s problems and simplify transport operations. SBLT Corporate specializes in managing end-to-end transport operations right from building and placing a well equipped Transport desk and required resources.
Our Transport desk staff specializes in routing and organizing shift based pick-up / drop schedules that are beneficial to the client and its transport users. The same is also automated and feeded into the software solution for simple implementation.
SBLT Corporate has built-in relationship with leading system enablers which can also be offered as a packaged solution to our clients. Hence, Our clients don’t face the issue of managing or tracking multiple vendor engagements. We also help our Clients to evaluate market solutions to automate the operations.
Our fleet service is equipped with real-time tracking feature to ensure safety and security of client’s staff.
Depending on the level of system integration preferred by our clients, SBLT Corporate can facilitate systemized invoice generation to submission with automated validation by Client’s designated staff in the system.
Client Support being the key factor, our onsite transport desk and centralized operations teams are equipped to handle any emergency situations and 24/7 support needed by the users.
Our Clients can forget the hassle of creating reports for Admin or Leadership team reviews. SBLT Corporate offers various customized report outputs that can be readily made available for the client or even accessed live by the client SPOC. We avoid excel spreadsheets and work on a simple workflow system for our operations.

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